Here I am. Day one. It’s quiet here. Today is more of a set up day, but I’m thrilled.  It is often frightening to start such a big new step in life. I’ve been wanting to have my own private practice for years.  I’ve got the education, degrees, certifications, and registrations I need to practice therapy.  But running a business? That’s a different story.  I have taken some local classes on entrepreneurship, and have been working on the business aspect for over a year and a half.  I’ve read books, talked to other practitioners, used the mighty Google, fretted over excel spreadsheets, and stressed over countless coffees with friends.

But here I am.  Finally.  My own practice.  Is it what I had envisioned?  No. Will it ever be? Probably not.  However,  I’m happy and I’m looking forward to growing my practice.  And I am no longer waiting impatiently for my “dream practice” to come to fruition.  Instead I’m jumping in, even with trepidation, and I will make this into a dream come true.  I am working with some amazing and talented colleagues. I know now, no matter how long it took me to realize, and to get here, here is where I’m meant to be right now.

No matter where you are in your life, and how close or how far away your dreams are, or how scared you may be to get there or not get there, you will be okay.  Some dreams take longer to come true, some may never happen the way you pictured it, and some dreams tell you that they need to change into something else and that it okay. Learning from your efforts, trials, and mistakes is what makes you grow and see the world in different ways.  Take your dreams, and break them down into baby steps to figure out how to get there.  Is buying a house your dream?  Figure out how much you can afford, how you can get to affording what you want AND live comfortably, plan ahead for the inevitable issues that come with homeownership (like a leak. You have no idea where it’s coming from and you can’t afford a professional and your partner has made many holes in the wall to try to find out what is going on -_-). Achieving your goals does not need to be one big scary leap, it can be slow incremental steps.

On the other hand, many of my peers’ advice to me was “just do it.  I believe you can do this.  Stop fussing, you’ll be fine”..  And I will be.  So will you.