Am I ever exhausted.  Building my practice takes a lot of work and long hours.  On top of that, I am taking more shifts and a few extended hours at my other job.  This leads to one tired Jen.  While I’m trying to relax in the evening, my mind is busy thinking about my next steps for my practice, what I need to prepare for my other job, did we buy cat food?  I have been finding myself too tired to even let my relaxing time be relaxing, and my productive time isn’t as productive as it could be.  My husband has been off doing things that typically I’d join him in, but I’ve been either working or just too tired to join him.

Woah Jen.  Just woah, slow down and breath.

That’s what I did this past week.  I took a day off from both jobs and left my planning and running mind at home, while my husband and I went on a mini day vacation.  We hopped in the car, drove an hour and found our way to a beach side town.  We had a picnic in a park overlooking the water, and dipped our toes into the lake.  Okay, we swam in the lake. Fully clothed.  We did not plan to go swimming, but the moment took us and we just had to go swimming.

It was great to let myself hit the proverbial “refresh” button on life and have all the unnecessary things close so I can focus on what really matters in the grand scheme of life; myself and my relationships.  Swimming in the lake fully clothed was an unusual experience for me, but it served a bit as a reminder for life. Sometimes you need to give in to joy, jump in, and wash away the stress of life.

What are you doing to ensure you take time to do what really matters to you, to be with those you love, and to relax?  Are you doing anything at all?  It is so important to both our mental and physical health that we take time to relax.  Not doing so, is known to cause people some very serious difficulties in life, be it a physical condition or a mental condition.  Your body needs you to take time to yourself, and if you don’t, your body will find away to force you to do it.  Even if that means your time to yourself has to be taken in a hospital bed.

We need to prevent that from happening.  Go for a walk, go to the beach, read a book that you enjoy, work on the car, crochet a scarf, cuddle with a pet, play a game with friends, breath, take the side roads home, anything that will allow you to remember you.


*The photo above was taken by me, it was at Lake Huron in Bayfield Ontario.