What a week… and it’s eating us alive.

Wow… what a week  We had the US election, Leonard Cohen died, a 7.5 earthquake in New Zealand, some very tense and scary events in the states due to the results of the election, and just so much more.  I have had some personal events that were difficult this past week as well.  A lot is going on, and a lot of people are feeling it.  I know I am.  Our collective emotions are running high and maybe we are not presenting our best selves.  I know I’ve said a few things that a more centred me would have not said.

Today, as I sat in my office, I thought how can I do my best work, if my mind is off focusing on the heartaches, prejudices, and negative rumours that are all over the internet?  I can’t.  There is a definite time and place for advocating for your values and speaking up for your beliefs, this needs to happen (and not just through social media).  However, there also needs to be a time where we shove that in a drawer for a bit and get back to who we are.  Become centred, grounded, attuned with nature, or however you choose to express that feeling or connecting with yourself and your universe.  Be it through quiet contemplation, meditation, prayer, exercise, laughter, or whatever works for you.  We need to re-energize, refocus, and regroup ourselves.  If we do not do this occasionally, then we are going to act in ways that are not our typical self.  We are going to burn out and lose hope.  And if there is anything that the world needs more of, it’s hope.

This is a good rule of thumb when dealing with any stressful situation.  Kids driving you up the wall?  Work is over working you?  Is caring for others means you’re not caring for yourself?  Is your health having a few hiccups or giant pot holes? Maybe you’re trying to grieve, but can’t find the time? You need to take the time to care for yourself.  You cannot be fully you if you are burned out emotionally and physically.  Your family, work, health, and emotional stability will suffer if you do not put all the stressors in your life away for a bit, and just be your genuine you.

Remember to breath, remember your values, and remember your strength.  24065839299_0035ae8031_b